Iftar @ Logma

Ramadan month and we all like to enjoy Iftar by the end of the day with family, either at home or at a restaurant. I visited Logma for Iftar last weekend, and if you have read my previous blog on Logma, you all know how much I love their food.

What I had?

Halloumi salad– Salad came first, I generally don’t like to eat salad if it’s not prepared well, but this one was very very delicious 🙂 The grilled Halloumi cheese on top added to the flavor of the salad.Must try, even if you don’t like to eat salad 😉


Logma fries – Whenever am in Logma, I always order for the fries.Love the flavor of the Khaleeji spices on the fries, it’s crispy and delicious. It’s just the way I like my fries to be, If you are in Logma, don’t miss to order this one!

Chicken Samboosa– Arabic chicken samosa, served hot and crispy.It’s very delectable. Goes very well with a cup of tea 😉


Tikka sandwich– Tikka sandwich is little spicy, and it’s a filling of Indian Chicken Tikka into the sandwich. The filling of chicken is very tender and chunks are large enough to fill your mouth 😉 and your stomach 😉


Cheesy paratha– Cheesy chicken paratha is the new addition to their menu. When it comes to eating food in Logma, I can blindly trust whatever they are going to include in their menu, as I know it’s going to be good. Paratha with a filling of cheese and chicken, it’s non-spicy and cheesy with a good amount of chicken filling.


Dubai Nights– Dubai Nights is a cool drink made of Blackberry, Lychee, and cranberry juice. It’s refreshing and not very sweet. You must try this!

In the pic: Atlantis (R)  and Dubai Nights (L)


Luqaimat Lotus– Lugaimat is an Arabian sweet dish. Dumplings were crispy, and soft inside and were garnished with biscoff spread and Lotus crumbs.It’s moderately sweet, and just the way I like my dessert to be. It’s a very moreish dish, that you can’t stop eating.


Karak tea– Love Karak Tea here 🙂 If you are chai lover, then don’t miss this! 🙂

Fantastic service and food, one of the best places in Dubai.

I was invited to this restaurant for the new menu tasting.However, all my reviews remain unbiased.

After you are done with the food, you can walk around Box park or go to City Walk which is close by.

Recommended items– Logma fries, Khaleeji wings, Halloumi Salad, Tikka Sandwich, Lugaimat.

Address: Box Park, Al Safa

Highlights: Breakfast, Home Delivery, Outdoor seating, wifi, kid friendly.

Phone number: 80056462