Desert Safari-Amazing trip to the Desert

My family was in Dubai last week from Poland, and I planned to make them do the Desert Safari. While planning the itinerary for them, I made sure to have the best travel agent for the Desert Safari.Among the top four travel and tours agency,  I chose to go with Lama Tours.

Take a lot of pictures.

You can book your tour by phone, by calling one of the representatives.I will link down the details below:

Your car driver will come to pick you up around 3 to 3:30 pm from your home location and then drive to desert safari area which takes around 1 hour. First stop is at a joint where all the tourist bus/car stops for refreshments and some shopping. You can do quad biking, take a picture with the Falcon- which is the national bird of UAE, and also do some quick shopping.Instantly, we decided to go ahead with quad biking which was a lot of fun, you can choose to go double or single.Quad biking is one of the best ways to experience the Arabian Desert. After the Quad Biking, we hopped onto our car for the most fascinating part of this trip i.e Dune Bashing.

Dune Bashing is an exciting and the most thrilling part of this whole trip.After the Dune bashing, we crossed the man-made oasis and the beautiful private dessert of the current ruler.We could see deer running around the oasis, and it was a beautiful sight for urban people like us.We are so lost in the everyday routine life, that we forget to appreciate the life around us.I was told only 4 tourism operators are allowed to enter this area, one of which is Lama Tours( that’s when I thought we made the right choice).

As we entered the desert, we could see a small camp arranged for us to enjoy the evening later.We started off with the camel ride, henna for the ladies, dinner, and entertainment like belly dancing.The highlight of the evening was the camel ride- which I absolutely loved and Belly dancing. We began with few starters like samosa and french fries, later around 7 pm dinner was served. The last performance was the Tanoura Dance, everyone had a good time at the desert camp. We left the desert at around 8 pm and it was an hour journey to drive back home.

Thanks to Lama Tours for this fun adventure trip.

Lama Tours : 04889 0000.

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