Carnival By Tresind

They say ‘ Travel is an experience’ and after visiting ‘ Carnival’ i say eating food at Carnival is also an experience by itself. Carnival by Tresind takes you through a molecular gastronomy of cooking. Selection , Preparation, serving and the food itself is a experience to remember  at Carnival. If you are looking for something different and want to surprise your special one / family with a unique experience, then look no further ‘ Carnival’ is the place.

Interiors are classy, with golden trees and private seating areas. The bar has a very stylish and chic look where you can grab a drink and  later enjoy your dinner.

I was directed to my seat and welcomed with a bubbles. Bubbly welcome is done to all guest who are dining at the restaurant. This was just the beginning of the delightful experience. You can let the waiting staff at your table  know about your dietary requirements .

My 15 course menu consisted of the following dishes:

I was served with :

  1. Sita Phal – Steam soft bread stuffed with sweet and sour mashed pumpkin. You got to eat this with your hand for a better taste 😉 . The filling tasted like a sweet and sour fruit jam. I have never had this kind of starter, i relished it with each bite.

  2. Bartender Choice- You can order a mocktail/cocktail of your choice or else go with the Bartender choice . I was served with a orange mocktail served in the most exciting way. Videos and pictures below:img_9067
  3. Makhan Phal- Cocao butter hive, avocado and lime cream. In Hindi, avocado is called  as Makhan Phal. This dish is named after the fruit. Just like a cube of cheese with flavor of Avocado and lime. Wonderful presentation and burst of sweet and sour flavor, just melts in your mouth.

  4. Dal Phulka- Yellow Lentil Cappucino, phulka cookie, fresh truffle ghee, cumin cocoa.Well have you ever had a dal coffee? Dal is served in a small coffee cup along with a cookie. Drink/Sip the Dal like a coffee and take a bite of the cookie as a Phulka. When you are here, its better to unlearn the traditional way of eating and serving food. They will surprise you in more innovative ways of serving and eating food.

  5. Life is short eat dessert first-We all live once, and dessert is must and should be eaten first.Most of you would know what a Jalebi is, this dish is a mix of Chat and Jalebi. Sweet flavor of the chaat is brought by the taste of the Jalebi. The topmost layer is a  Jalebi, then next layers is yoghurt mousse, potato and chickpeas . You can eat it all at one bite. 🙂 Gluttony i tell you! 🙂

  6. Thaitanic- Thaitanic was served in as dumpling box. When it was placed on the table i thought it to be dumplings,when the box opened it was a different dish altogether.It had  lime pao (bread), sweet basil and minced chicken bhurjee in thai style. I loved the concept, presentation and taste of the chicken bhurjee and pao was tasty. Great combination  of Thai and Indian food. Pao( Bread was soft) and went very well along with Chicken Bhurjee which is mild spicy.

  7. Pullinji-  Well this one had my favorite seafood, Prawns. I was excited to know how it would turn out to be. Prawns coated with palm sugar caramel topped with curry leaf crisp. Well cooked crisp prawns and with flavorful spices, made me to crave  for some more :). However the taste of the curry leaf crisp was bitter. I left the piece of the curry leaf crisp on the side and went ahead savoring the Prawns.

  8. Meatalious- Meatalicious is where the north meets south. Lamb chops and crispy mysore masala dosa served on the side. Meat was tender and masala dosa was crispy and delicious. Unique blend of taste and combination.

  9. Palak Paneer – Since we dont eat beef, we were served with Palak Paneer (prepared for us) instead of utterly butterly. Paneer tasted more like paneer butter masala and topped with crisp Palak (spinach) Rich, flavorful paneer gravy with bread.

  10. Vada Pav Service- Vada Pav service was presented in the most unique way, all the ingredients were in a tool box and Vada Pao  was made on the spot. You can customize your Vada Pav, the way you like. Soft French bread with filling of aloo patty and different spices. This one is a tribute to all the Mill workers in Mumbai, Vada Pav being their favorite snack.


  11. Malai Barf – Malai Barf is served just to change your palate/taste buds before you start with the Main course. Litchi flavored ice with raspberry Rose water and Milk Skin. It is very average and didn’t really match up to the expectation.

    Malai Barf
  12. Carta Farta – consist of Steamed Seabass en papillote, malabar style bouillabaisse, lemon rice. South Indian’s favorite Lemon Rice is served with Seabass (En Papillote in french means cooked in a paper pouch). Bouillabaisse is a fish stew with a distinctive flavor of Malabar style curry. French – Indo mix cuisine. Long grain of rice was a good combination with natural flavor of the sea bass-steamed to perfection. Healthy and delicious!

  13. Mutton Dressed as Lamb – Mutton Gallouti Chops, Lamb Niharri and fermented dough bread. Break a piece of the bread with piece of mutton and dip it in the Nihari and have it. Mutton Gallouti Chops was delicious. I didnt mind eating it without the Bread.

  14. Chicken Biriyani – Long grains of Basmati rice with chunks of chicken pieces and other veggies on the top. Before you eat it, mix the rice with chicken and veggies. Delicious Biriyani, by this time we were quite full and couldn’t even finish the dish.

    Chicken Biriyani
  15. Gajak – It is named after the north Indian sweet. Caramel, Peanuts and chocolate done the alinea way – You will see your dessert prepared in front of your eyes, on the table huge plate is placed and you can see the process of creation. Favorite of many and the most popular dessert has caramel, peanut and chocolate as its main ingredient. Icecreams, chocolate flavored cake and delicious sauces will stimulate your appetite.

  16. Betels – Paan flavored Macaron – In India, we end our meal  by eating a Sweet Pan, which is nothing but Betel leaf  with ingredients like katha, gulkand cherries etc. A bite of this Betel flavored Macaron brought me closer to my home country. It did take me back to India for sometime :).

    In Carnival, every bite is a experience. Last but not the least, Chef Vinu brought us Palate changer by serving us lemon, orange and strawberry with magic berry on the side. Here comes the MAGIC. As per his instruction, first we tasted the lemon which was very sour and tangy, next we took the pinch of magic berry to our mouth and swirled it around the tongue for around 30 secs and chewed it. Now we were told to taste the lemon, the lemon which was so sour and tangy was now tasting very sweet. Later Chef told us, for another 10-15 mins whatever sour we take will taste sweet. This was truly a magical experience. So its not wrong, when i say  this place will leave you spellbound with the experience and food they serve. Service is excellent, food is a experience and will totally make you flabbergasted. Choose a set menu and let them take you through this enthralling experience of food.

    Palate Changer 🙂

This place is in the must visit Category! Totally Recommended :).

I was invited to this restaurant for a tasting.However my Reviews are honest and not biased.

Opening Hours:12 noon to 3:30 pm,7pm to 7:00 pm


  • Full Bar available
  • Wifi
  • Valet Parking
  • Kid Friendly
  • Luxury Dining

Phone Number:04 2759071

Address : Podium Level, Burj Daman, DIFC, Dubai

Cost for Two : 500 AED, 15 course set menu 375 AED + Taxes.

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