Naked 3 Review

Hello all, this is my first beauty post. I never thought I would be writing about beauty products , but thought of giving it a try. I love make up like all all other girls. I  wear make up for work and also when I attend parties. My make up collection is basically a mix of brands of Mac, Loreal, Maybelline ,Benefit ,Estee Lauder. Recent addition to my make up collection is the Naked 3 from Urban Decay. I have been eyeing to buy this product for a long time. I love eye make up and I try to create simple look for daily office wear.

So here goes my first review.

Naked 3 pallet by Urban decay is priced at around 53 dollars almost 196 dirhams. I bought my pallet from Warsaw airport, on my recent trip to Europe.In Dubai, its widely available in all the shopping malls. This pallet consist of 12 eyeshadows, rose hued  and natural shades. I bought this pack for daily office wear, and am a sucker for pink and light natural shades. Everyone’s choice is different. You may not be able to create different look with this pallet


I found the color, nooner, factory ,limit and burn out. Am using this colours to create my everyday eyeshadow look.


This one comes with double ended eyeshadow brush and primer is packed inside the box. There’s also a mirror in the pallet, which makes it a complete eyeshadow box.

Primer will help the eye shadow to stay longer and not fallout. Most of the shades are beautiful, pigmented, and apply and blend very, very well..

I love the colours of this pallet and they are  great in quality. This was my first buy from  Naked eyeshadow pallete and it didn’t disappoint me.

Thank you for reading! Hope this review will help you making a choice.

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