My favorite Burger Joint!

GBK the favorite restaurant chain from UK is in Dubai too. When they say Gourmet Burger Kitchen, they mean its all about Burgers. They use the fresh ingredients and finest selection of spices to create unique burger . Every burger is made to order ,make your choice and  leave the rest to the team.

Love the ambiance of this place, it sets your mood to dine and have your finger licking burgers. The seating is quite comfortable and i like the restaurants which have good lighting. This is one such place.

To begin the gastronomy experience, we started with some salads:

GBK Classic Salad – GBK Salad is their classic salad made of  fresh tomato, onions, cucumber, capsicum, mixed leaves and GBK dressing. The salad bowl size is quite big and fresh ingredients makes its a satisfying meal.


Goat Cheese Salad – Fresh tomato, lettuce, honey, thyme, pine nuts and grilled goat cheese. This one made it to my favorite salad list. This salad is light, little sweet and can be a excellent side dish for almost any meal.


Halloumi Salad–  made of Halloumi, strawberry  with balsamic dressing. This a latest addition to their salad menu and it looks quite tempting .It has fresh strawberries,cucumber and other green leaves ;). Halloumi Salad  is a must try!


Halloumi Bites – If you don’t like to eat salad, order the Halloumi Bites as a starter. Grilled Halloumi bites is cheese which has  mild aroma and earthy flavor. Soft and chewy ,it will leave you a taste and make you want some more. This one is my Favorite!


Golden Fried Shrimps – Fried shrimps served with smoke chilli mayo. Shrimps were well seasoned, crunchy and served hot. Shrimp size was large, boiled and cooked well. Being a shrimp lover, i love the crispness and taste of a good quality shrimps.


Fried Onion Rings – My favorite Onion Rings in town. Never had the perfect kinda onion rings i must say. They are large in size , crisp and salty letting the onion’s natural sweetness shine. This is definitely a good appetizer from their menu. They make at least 1000 pieces of Onion rings in a day. So you can guess it by now, how good are these?


Hot Wings – Spicy chicken wings with blue cheesy sauce. Chicken wings were served hot, and cooked to perfection. Although it said its spicy , i didn’t find it spicy to be honest. Even if you are not a blue cheese lover, this one is a  must try and might disappear quickly from the table.;)


Chargrilled Chicken Skewers–  Chicken was tender and full of flavor. It goes very well with the garlic mayo sauce. It can be a alternate to your favorite kebabs. All their sauces and salad dressings are made in house.


Main course:

You can choose your meat to be chargrilled or crumbed & fried. Being a chicken lover, i choose to taste these burgers.

Jalapeno Overload– If you love Jalapeno, you will love this. Burger is presented with a chilly on top- which indicates its spicy. This one is called Jalapeno overload as its overloaded or filled with Jalapenos (as the name says). Spicy, fat, hearty and very delicious. Its juicy, tangy, salty and just about anything you would want from your burger. Challenge yourself for this spicy treat!


Hot Chilli Chicken– I ordered for a  Chicken burger with Mozzarella Cheese, hot chilli sauce and salad ,flavored with their in house mayo. The patty was soft and the fillings of chicken, tomato and mixed leaves made it appetizing. I love my burgers juicy and tender with lot of cheese. Am going to get one very soon now, almost feeling hungry while writing this! Yes its that good 😀 .

Delicious finger licking burger 😉


You can add Fries, onions rings or any of the sides to your burger meal. Best fries to try are the chunky fries as they are thick and big in size.


For the drinks : I ordered a lemonade juice which was sweet and little tangy. It had the right amount of sweetness and distinct flavor of lemon, made it a very refreshing drink.

Last but not the least, how can we forget to try the desserts. No meal is complete without a dessert. We ordered each from their menu: Chocolate fondant, Apple Pie and a salted caramel cheesecake. Loved the Chocolate fondant which is chocolate cake served with vanilla ice cream . We all loved it and at the end the plate was empty.

Second one is salted caramel cheesecake, which is sweet, salty and with a flavor of the caramel. It is creamy,smooth and divine!

We all love Apple pie, this one is something different as it is served with a dollop of ice-cream and looks like a muffin. I must say they have selected the best for their dessert menu. Whatever you try, you will not be disappointed. Trust me!

The service, ambiance and food is what you need in a restaurant. The servers were very friendly, knew their menu well and also took good care of the diners. Ambiance with simple chairs and table, makes it look like the best place for casual dining.


I was invited for a bloggers event to GBK, Marina.

All my reviews are honest and not biased.

Phone number:



Promenade Level, Dubai Marina Mall, Dubai Marina


  • Breakfast
  • Home Delivery
  • Kid friendly
  • Wifi
  • Outdoor seating
  • Open for Lunch
  • Gourmet Burger Kitchen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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