Logma -Traditional with a twist

Logma is shining bright  in the new social hub and coolest lifestyle destination,at Box Park,Al wasl road.


They are celebrating one year anniversary, for which i was invited to taste their newly launched menu. Logma is a place where the traditional meets contemporary. They have a deep sense of belonging to their culture, where the food speaks a lot about the inheritance.To keep the tradition alive, and to serve people and get them acquainted with popular emirati cuisine with a modern twist is their aim.

A warm welcome at the door, as i  enter the restaurant  noticed the  Camel design on the wall and the floor which spoke volume about the deep rooted emirati culture. Got seated in one of the corners of the restaurant, they have outdoor  as well as indoor seating area. Outdoor seating area is lovely,however i chose to sit inside as it was very hot outside.

What i ordered :

Logma Fries is seasoned with Khaleeji spices and mixed with crisp herbs. They are one of the favorites, and most popular. They truly presented the concept of their restaurant in their food, by bringing todays generation favorite fries with emirati spices and herbs. Logma fries has its uniqueness. Fries were served crispy and taste of the spices went along with it. Throughout my meal i kept on eating fries in between, couldn’t resist it.So thats my favorite.

Logma Fries
Samboosa cheese– Creame cheese mixed with chips oman. Its somewhat similar to the indian samosa, although not same. The coating is lighter then samosa and filling of the cheese, brings out a very different taste. This was my second most favorite in this restaurant. Must try with a cup of Karak tea!

Samboosa Cheese
Khaleeji wings– Chickens wing deep fried and coated with logma sauce. The sauce tasted quite tangy.However, It didnt spark up my taste buds.

Khaleeji Wings
Tikka Sandwich– Bread filled with spicy chicken with onions,tomatoes,coriander,drizzled with mint and chilly chutney. This one is my favorite too! Love the filling with chutney ,its not very spicy, and quite a good quantity to fill you up .One of the best sandwiches i had recently. Must try!

Logma Tikka Sandwich
Machbous Lamb– Traditional marinated lamb with khaleeji spices,cooked with yellow rice and served with raita sauce.The yellow rice has cashews,raisins,cardamom,garnished with fried onions ,green chilly and carrot.Quantity is very good for two people, and its quite appetizing dont expect it to be Indian Biriyani,as its very different from the flavor,to the spices to the ingredients. I loved this one too! Rice lovers must try 🙂

Traditional Rice served with Raita
Karak Creme Brulee– I love creme Brulee,rich custard with a contrasting layer of hard caramel.The flavor was good,charred and creamy,not very sweet. So it was apt dessert for me, i dont like it too sweet.

Must have dessert- Creme Brulee
Chebab katayef-Its a pancake stuffed with stuffed with mascarpone cheese n dates, drizzled with saffron caramel syrup served with vanilla icecream. This is one of the most popular item. I loved the way it was served warm ,the filling inside and have it with the syrup and icecream. This one is on a more sweeter side.

Yummy Desserts


Atlantis – Refreshing sweet drink made of lychee,passion fruit,fresh mint and lime. Its cool and refreshing!

Love this Drink!
If you want to drink something which will quench your thirst.Then this it what you are looking for! D

Palm Island– Fresh pomegranate and pomegranate juice,fresh mint,& lime . As you drink this ,you will find piece of pomegranate coming to the straw.You will  get the pomegranate flavor and its not very sweet.I like both the drinks.

One More Drink!
Last but not the least- My Karak Tea which is divine for tea lovers 🙂 I cant wait to go back to this place for the Logma Fries,Samboosa Cheese and Atlantis! 🙂

Logma Karak Tea~Absolute Delight

I was invited to this restaurant ,however all my comments and reviews are honest and unbiased

Think no more, go ahead and grab your lunch/ dinner /Snacks at my favorite, Logma! 🙂

For Reservations:

Call- 80056462

BOXPARK, Al Wasl Road, Al Safa, Dubai


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