I left a piece of my heart in this Land

After our wedding ,I and my husband got busy  with work therefore couldn’t plan a vacation.One and half year later, we thought of making the most of this long break and decided to travel to the most beautiful country in the world-SWITZERLAND :).We planned the whole trip ourselves – from flight booking,hotels for stay and also making the complete itinerary( now i think we can take this as a profession too :D). Leave taken,Visa stamped, tickets & accommodation booked for 10th August 2015.While we did this, the excitement running within ,did make us feel that this trip is going to be the best trip ever.

Our flight was from Dubai via  Frankfurt to Zurich.After 11 hours of travel, we finally reached Zurich, thanks to Lufthansa <3.Entry stamp on the passport was done in Frankfurt.

DAY 1:Reached the airport at around 10 am. We purchased our Swiss Pass at the station which costed us around  363 CHF per person for 8 days. if you have a Swiss pass you can travel across Switzerland without the hassle of having to buy your ticket at the counter. Additional benefit is you get free entry to most of the museum and some rides at the mountain for a good discount. Switzerland is well connected through train and metro.

So there you are ready for a fun trip!

We  booked our stay at Hotel Montana for 2 days in Zurich. This hotel is located at the center of the city, closest to the metro station (Walk-able to Zurich Main station).Zurich has many options for public transport from trams to buses and trains. We decided to walk around the city and  visited Lake Zurich,the Fraumunster Church  , Museum on the first day.So much history,and i was amazed by the beauty and the calmness. It is a different world altogether.

Lake Zurich

DAY 2:Second day at Zurich, was trip to Uetilberg and little bit of shopping at Bahnhofstrasse. Do try out Laderach Chocolates  at this  shopping street. They have some fantastic collection of finest swiss chocolates.Second half of the day we planned to visit Vaduz,liechtenstein. You can travel by public transport to Vaduz ,its free if you have a swiss pass.

Hike to Uetiliberg

Vaduz is the capital of Liechtenstein and also the seat of the national parliament.Its a small city,and can be covered in a day of your trip.You can take a bus from station which will drop you to the city center of Vaduz.We reached ,  it was drizzling and by 5pm the city sleeps.What a Bummer! 😦

You better plan and finish your trip to Vaduz by 5pm,so that you don’t miss the last bus and train back to Zurich.

On my way back to Zurich,i met my friend at Thalwil ,we did a quick catchup near the Lake with some Champagne. It was close to 10 pm and we head back to Zurich Hotel.

DAY 3: We packed our bags ,had our breakfast and carried on with our plans to visit Rhine Falls.Travelling to any place in Switzerland is quite easy,the only thing you need to know is the location,the train number .( You also have Google maps ). Boat ride at Rhine falls was breathtaking. One side is the Switzerland and the other side belongs to Germany. You should do the boat ride which will cost approx 16 CHF for two persons.Must plan trip if you are visiting Switzerland .

I will link the sites down below for more information on Rhine Falls.

We said bye to Zurich and left to Lucerne, we reached around 430 pm. 5pm almost every restaurant and shops are closed. We decided to pack something from Coops and have our dinner by the lake.

Lake Lucerne
Lake Lucerne

DAY 4:We woke up ,got ready and took a train to Mt Titlis ( Station Engelberg) .Since we had our swiss pass we bought our tickets at 113 CHF (for two).It is mainly accessed from Engelberg (Obwalden) on the north side and is famous as the site of the world’s first revolving cable car. The cable car system connects Engelberg to the summit of Klein Titlis (3,028 m) through the three stages of Gerschnialp (1,262 m), Trübsee (1,796 m) and Stand (2,428 m).

The last part of cable car way leads above the glacier. At Klein Titlis, it is possible to visit an illuminated glacier cave from an entrance within the cable-car station, which also includes shops and restaurants. The Titlis Cliff Walk, the highest elevationsuspension bridge in Europe, opened in December 2012, giving views across the Alps.

Most of the tourist likes to eat at the restaurant at Mt Titlis, as they are famished by the time the trip gets over. However we decided to eat our dinner at engelberg. For your information, Indian food is available at the restaurant and serves samosas too :P.


For all you Bollywood Lovers, Don’t forget to take a picture with Shahrukh Khan and Kajol Poster from the movie Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge 🙂 😉

Titlis Cliff Walk

We started our journey from Lucerne to Interlaken. Its a day trip to Jungfraujoch .

DAY 5:You start from Interlaken, Grindelwald or Wengen, in Switzerland, and start by taking a unique, moderncogwheel railway to Kleine Scheidegg, 6762 feet up. From there, the Jungfrau railway climbs to the Eiger Glacier station, well known for its mountain restaurant and polar dog kennels. I think its totally worth  to take the Jungfrau Mountain ride,although its pretty expensive .The weather didn’t support us on that day,and to our dismay it was raining and the sun had no plans to shine. It was cold,with hailstorm and wind and my first time in snow,which i thoroughly enjoyed . Although we couldnot see the Sphinx observatory ,which is one of the highest astronomical observatories in the world, provides an additional viewing platform at a height of 3,571 meters or 11,716 feet.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

 The Ice Palace can be visited by every guest, even in the most stormy and Arctic weather conditions. Every year, a talented ice artist creates shiny new ice sculptures including eagles, penguins and polar bears.


Sometimes its all about the journey, as the cogwheel takes you through breathtaking landscapes,small villages and endless greenery.So i had nothing to complain 🙂


As the trip comes to a end , and we are on our way back to Interlaken,decided to stop by Wengen. It is one of very few car-free resort villages in Europe, although there are a few service vehicles, local farm vehicles, electric vehicles for taxiing to and from the railway station.

We had our lunch at one of the restaurants at the station and after that our next stop was Interlaken for the night.

Do keep a stop at Interlaken ,and walk around the city ,there is beauty everywhere.The streets are hustling and bustling with tourist. Its tourist most favorite spot.I wish my words could define the beauty of this place,no words and  videos can make you feel the beauty ,until you visit this piece of Heaven.

Beauty All around 🙂 Interlaken for you ❤

DAY 6:Next day was in Geneva, roamed around the beautiful city of Geneva .The best part about having a Swiss Pass is you can travel anywhere, anytime 🙂 How cool is that !Walking around the streets, the UN office where you can also see the one legged chair(Broken Chair-this monumental sculpture(12 meteres high) was installed in the Place des Nations in August 1997,and is an appeal from all the humanitarian organization Handicap International,urging all nations to sign the Ottawa Treaty immediately.There is lot to see and do in Geneva :The Lake,The Old Town,The United Nations Building and Red Cross Museum,Window Shopping on Rue de Rive and Rue du Rhone and many other.I don’t have pictures from Geneva,as i was not keeping well.However this place is more of a business city unlike Interlaken, Lucerne.

Trip to Switzerland was a dream for me, and i have lived my dream.

Thank you all for reading my blog.

Comment down below and let me know about your experiences.

For more information visit Switzerland tourism website













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