Lunch at the beach :)

Mid February and the weather in Dubai is so pleasant. On a weekend, as we decided to go out and enjoy the sun at the Kite Beach( which is one of the best beach in Dubai for water activities and of course Kite surfing ). It is a beautiful beach with the best of outdoor activities you can think of 🙂 .

image1 (4)
Beautiful Kite Beach

As always hungry me and i couldn’t help but notice the busy ‘SALT’ food truck which had beautiful seating area both air-conditioned and open. People who would like to sit outdoor can enjoy the sun , sit and enjoy their meal. The rest who would like to enjoy their meal at the air-conditioned seating area can do that too :).I love seating outdoor and i was hoping to find a table for me and my husband( as it was long queue).

image2 (3)
Am a Salter 🙂

Let me inform you if you ever decide to visit ‘SALT’ you should be ready to stand and  wait patiently for your turn to order.After approximately half an hour, we could manage to place our order.

We ordered

  1. Chicken Cheetos- which is a deep fried chicken with melted cheese,lettuce  and Cheetos served in a bun. This burger is so soft, the bread just melts in your mouth. The filling of the burger is just perfect. Totally loved the taste, i can say one of the best burgers in town.However,you get two small sliders per order which is not enough for a person even with a small appetite.

    image2 (2)
    Chicken Cheetos 😀
  2. Cheese fries – Cheese fries which is basically french fried covered in cheese. Salty and crispy fries with good quantity of cheese, gave the perfect flavor .However as i mentioned earlier  quantity is less.

    Cheese Fries- Yum
  3. Lotus Shake-They have a separate counter for drinks( which is not very crowded) Lotus shake is nothing but biscuits and milk blended together. Its a very popular one and every one around were ordering it. I had great expectation from this and didn’t enjoy the drink.After 2-3 sips it was very sweet for me to drink . I wont recommend this to anyone.Unless you really really want to try this drink.

    image1 (3)
    Lotus Shake

Salt has a very small menu to choose . If you are chicken lover, you have one option and if you are vegetarian you don’t have any option :(other then fries and some drinks 😛 I wish service was little quick which would improve the waiting the ambiance and the food 🙂 Happy Me at the end of the day!

Am Definitely going back for the Burgers 🙂

SALT Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
Opening hours: 12 noon to 2 am ( Late night, you know where to go )

Cost for two- 100 AED

Become a Salter when you want- Lunch/Dinner/Kid friendly/Outdoor seating/Wheelchair available/Wifi




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