Quiet Dinner @Fuego

This Restaurant is located in Souk Al Bahar. After your shopping at Dubai Mall you can dine in at this place for some Authentic Mexican food.
Once i entered the restaurant,  i was guided to my table and got seated.While i waited on my table, they handed me over the two different menu’s one for the vegetarian and the other for Non vegetarian. I was glad to know that they have something for my Vegetarian friends too 🙂


Tortilla chips was served on the table with two different kind of salsa: spicy and mild.I really liked the chips as it was crunchy,salty and little corn flavor. The combination of both the salsa and chips was fantastic, so crisp and light.

Tortilla Chips with Salsa
This is what i ordered from the Menu:
1.Punch less cinco de mayo
For the drinks i ordered a orange and Pineapple juice with fruits like apple,and orange.This was served on a little jar tied with a rope.It was very refreshing although i found it to be little tangy, it is not a syrupy one unlike found in most of the restaurant in Dubai.

Tortilla Chips with Salsa
2. Guacamole on the spot– This avocado based dip stole my heart,as it was prepared in front of me .I love the idea it was prepared and presented.It was prepared with avocado,onion,tomato,coriander and many other spices and was served with Tortilla chips.( You can also add green chilies if you like to)
Totally loved this dip.

Tortilla Chips with Salsa
3.Tacos al Pastor– Marinated Grilled chicken ,Pineapple,Garlic Sauce and Adobo Sauce.It is similar to Greek Gyros and Turkish Doner Kebab. The Pineapple added sweetness and tanginess to grilled chicken.The meat was tender and good balance of sweetness,tartness and  salt. I generally don’t like fruit with chicken.


FullSizeRender (1)

4.Chile Ancho Relleno– made of Prawn peppers oaxaca cheese,avocado sauce,white onion cream.Loved the ancho chile with prawn fillings . The whole combination of tiny prawns with the chilies  and cheese and avocado sauce was delicious.Must try and one of my favorite


5.Parillada De Pollo– Chicken Breast with capsicum,flour tortilla,pinto beans and mexican rice.The chicken breast was cut into strips and served on a hot plate.You need to fill the tacos-Corn Tortilla with beans,tender chicken ,Mexican rice and salsa .The tacos are soft and filling were so right and added to the taste .


6. Tres Leches Cake– Last but not the least, how can i forget to eat the dessert. Meringue,Marshmallows,strawberry,coconut ice-cream and chocolate cracks.This sponge cake was so soft and the meringue flavor was quite distinctive.You can feel the coconut in the ice cream in every bite.This dessert will not disappoint you and it truly deserves to be in my favorite list.


This restaurant serves  wide variety of food from the authentic Mexican cuisines.It has a private dining area and a bar with good soulful music.
Ambiance- Very good
Service- Very good ( The staffs are quite attentive and pleasant ,they know their dishes very well)
Price for two- 400 AED
For all you late night people, there is a 50 % off on beverages- Yes EVERYDAY!!
Fuego Dubai Best for Lunch/Dinner/Nightlife/Alchohol is served/Wifi
Open From 12 noon till 2 am.
Call them for Reservation -044490977
Location: Souk Al Bahar,Downtown Dubai
I dined in this restaurant as guest, However all my reviews are unbiased and honest.

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